Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rant on the two-four.

So as my friends south of the border may or may not know, we here in Canada have a long weekend in May commemorating the birth of our longest reigning monarch, Queen Victoria, who ruled Britain and its colonies for somewhere in the ballpark of 67 years.  Her birthday is on the 24th of May, and every year we get a statutory holiday the Monday preceding the 24th.  Due to the fact that in recent years, Victoria Day weekend has signified the official start of cottage season, and is largely associated with drinking in great quantities, it is often referred to as "The May Two-Four" - as in, a two four (24 case) of beer.

What bothers me are two things.  One.  Because the holiday is always the Monday before, this means that if Queen Victoria's birthday occurs on a weekend (such as it does this year), the holiday is celebrated the weekend before.  So in essences, the 24th weekend and the TWO-FOUR weekend may be two different occurences on the calendar, which is obnoxious, confusing, and just plain silly.

Secondly, no one for sure knows exactly when Jesus' birthday is, although historical evidence points to a greater likelihood that Jesus was a spring baby (please don't ask me to back this up.. I'm just going by what I've heard.  This is a blog, not a university paper.)  However, we celebrate Christmas every year on December 25, regardless on where in the work week it occurs.

Meanwhile, we KNOW when Queen Victoria's birthday was, yet here I am, a little tipsy from having celebrated it a full week earlier than it falls.

What is up with THAT?

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