Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Adding insult to injury

I don't need sex, Georgian college fucks me all the time (credit to the Facebook group of the same name for that line)

So the snow continues. Now keeping in mind yesterday's blog where I stayed home from school, only to see the weather turn beautiful after my class was due to start, I have this follow up story.

This morning the snow is coming down like a motherfucker. Checking the radio stations, sure enough, school busses are cancelled. Tierney still wants to go to school, so I start the car up (which has been surprisingly easy, considering), dig the foot of snow out of my driveway and take her to school. Dan had called to see if I was going to go to school to let me know not to take 93 because there's an accident.

I check the school website, call the office, check the radio and weather sites again. So far as I know, the college is still open.

I get Tierney to school and Reagan to her dads and Dan calls again, telling me to seriously reconsider coming as the 400 is 'suitable for snowmobiling' and there are whiteouts past mount st Louis. I decide to brave it anyway, as I had missed class last week and didn't want to miss two weeks in a row.

I put along the 400 extension at about 80km an hour, slipping and sliding and thanking god that there is nobody on the road, so I have two lanes of play, and no one can see the painted lines anyway. Let's stay as far from ditches as humanly possible.

Just past the Mount St Louis cutoff, there is A FUCKING PLOW IN THE DITCH.

A plow.

In the ditch.

Is there anything more horrifying to see in a blizzard on a major highway when you drive a little shitbox Sunbird? It's surely a sign of impending doom.

I immediately do what any mature person would do. I weep, grip my steering wheel and whimper 'I'm gonna di-i-i-e.' But of course I am over half way to school at this point, so there is no turning back.

Meanwhile, my cell phone had minimum battery power when I left that morning, so I had turned it off so there would be power should I need to call a tow truck, or a priest when my car inevitably careens off an embankment.
So I don't get the call from Dan, yet again, telling me about the snowplow in the ditch.

I finally with a sigh of relief pull up to the college, only to notice an inordinate amount of people leaving the exits.


Yup. Closed the school. Could they have done it at, oh, I don't know... 8 OCLOCK THIS FUCKING MORNING??

I turn the cell on, and call dan, who informs me that he just got there and not to come. I tell him it's too late, I am there too. We wander the school for a bit, then hit the nearest Tim's to have coffee and steel ourselves for the long ride home, taking 93 this time, because at least it's more acceptable to do 60 the whole way on that road.

So yeah, this is how things work for me. I stay home, the weather clears up. I go, and they closed the damned school. I hate you, Georgian College.

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