Thursday, August 3, 2006

The Not-So-Italian Job

Just woke up from bizarre dream that was some bizarre cross between the Italian Job and I dunno.. Mean Girls or something. 

I can't describe too much of it, because for some reason my memory of the dream is being neurologically disrupted by random lines from Metric's Police and the Private (or whatever it's called. Thanks Sammi and Lori lol)

I remember something about money and someone putting a stop to 'your precious waterfront project'. Then a lot of stoned teenagers embarking on a high speed chase through downtown toronto, and crashing. Then some chick standing up saying we're gonna do things differently, and starts talking about people she knew in highschool that she made fun of who really just had weird emotional disorders. One was a woman who she had said "had 'Male ______ (Flattery? Fixation?), and wasn't just a 'dyke bitch whore'" Oh yeah, and the Metric playing really loud over the dream.

Back to bed I go.


Oh yeah, power went out here for about 2 hours. Was having August 2003 flashbacks, if you know what I mean.

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