Thursday, May 4, 2006

"You're Comparing Apples to Baby Wolverines..."

It's official, I love Chuck Klosterman. He fawking ROCKS.

Redid my car roof yesterday, it looks fucking awesome. I took down the old blue stuff, (inhaling vast amounts of fibreglass dust in the process) and replaced it with a big black skull and crossbones flag. The problem being, that the flag was not wide enough to cover all of the ceiling. So what I did was, covered the bare strips down the side with a pink leopard pattern material, and did a border between the two with antique-y looking upholstery tacks. Like I said, looks awesome. Imma try to take some pics of it and post them.

I have a crush on the cart guy at Walmart. Known him for years. Was cute in grade 8, is still cute now.

Oh yeah, and I've changed my profile song. Don't worry Scott, I'll promote you some more down the line, but I gotta spread the love around. I'm playing LYE now, a band featuring Brett Carruthers, a guy I went to high school with... and in case there was any doubt, he is NOT dead. just to clarify that.

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