Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My daughter, the homeovestite.

Homeovestite (def.): a person who dresses and acts to seem exactly like the stereotype of their gender because they are scared to admit that there are any parts of them which don't fit the stereotype

So my oldest had an accident at my sisters house today (yeah, one day she's gonna find out that I wrote about her peeing herself on the internet and want to kill me, I know) and ended up throwing a shit fit when we told her to wear some of Eric's pants. She was screaming and crying "I don't wanna wear BOY'S PANTS!!" like her wearing them was going to cause western civilization as we know it to crumble.

I found this really bizarre considering I put at least a bit of effort into trying not to genderize my kids too much. Yes, they play with barbies, but they also play with trucks and stuff too. I make a point not to label things as 'boy toys' or 'girl toys'. Yeah so it was pretty bizarre, her reaction. Oh well, she was fine by the time we got home.

Gonna be up early tomorrow I bet. Reegs fell asleep before 7pm. Didn't even have dinner.

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