Thursday, September 29, 2011


There was a knock on the door last night at about 9:45.  A guy was looking for a motorcycle he had seen on Kijiji.  The Google map was unclear.  I said I knew nothing about it.  The man at the door described the ad further, asking if there were 'any guys' around who might know about it.  Again, I said I knew nothing about it.

Sometimes I get into this state of mind where I almost forget that my house can actually be seen from the road. (Hint: my house can DEFINITELY be seen from the road)

It's like I think I'm living in a sort of Potterverse and there's an incantation that only allows my close friends and family to find the place.

Then I get a knock on the door at 9:45 at night and I'm reminded that there is no magic to hide me, no forcefield protecting me from strangers, harmful or otherwise.

Just a deadbolt.


  1. That's weird. Friends of mine had someone ring their doorbell at 4am one morning. He answered the door with a fake gun in view. The girl freaked and ran away. To be fair, there was a string of robberies around that time where someone would go to a house, crying when the door opened, begging for help because of one thing or another, and then two other people would show up and they'd rob the place.

    I guess I'm tell you that to say, BE CAREFUL!

    Also, again, that guy at your door was weird.

  2. Yikes! That would creep me out. I have sort of a subconcious aversion to answering my door (or my phone) when I'm not expecting someone. Inevitably it's my landlord, but occasionally you get someone else you weren't expecting to see and that unknown is, well, unknowable. I'm not saying there are monsters under the bed, but there are monsters out in the world.

  3. Creepy...and what a jackass. "Is there a guy around"?!? "Hey little lady, I'm either from 1953 and strongly disagree with women's suffrage or I'm trying to find out if I can assault you."
    Even if he had the right house, who knocks on a stranger's door after dark? Weird.

  4. Hahaha.. That was my inner reaction. 'Really? A guy? Yes, I'm sorry, my feeble ladybrain doesn't grasp the concept of motorcycle. Bike go vroom.. vroom?' also while wondering if he was casing the joint.

  5. The correct answer to the question, is "yes, but he's downstairs with our Rottweiler, and is busy cleaning his shotgun right now."

  6. I concur with Pickleope. Next time DON'T ANSWER THE MOTHER HUGGING DOOR!


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