Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Very Special Reverse Objectification Wednesday.

Thank you, Sarah Lindahl (and Kira) for providing the inspiration for this post.

Think back.

Way back.  Your first crush.  No, maybe crush is the wrong word.  Crush can mean "Aww gee, I like you.  You're fun.  Let's ride bikes."  which is an awesome and cool way to feel about someone, but not quite what I'm getting at.

Think back to the awakening.  Yeah, that one.  The first time you had that tingly-in-the-pants (or for the gentleman, that tight-in-the-pants) red-faced I'm-gonna-barf feeling.  When suddenly, kissing wasn't gross anymore.

I was somewhere in the ballpark of eleven or twelve years old.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  It's not something I'm proud of, but it's a part of my past and there's nothing I can do to change it now.

The object of my pre-adolescent lust?  Here goes...  no, come closer...

Scott Bakula.

What?  You didn't catch that?  Okay, fine.  *sigh*

Scott Bakula.

Shut up.

There was a love scene, I don't recall if it was in an episode of Quantum Leap or in the less-than-stellar football movie, Necessary Roughness, but my face went red and the pants got tingly and suddenly I didn't know where to look.

I think it may have been the latter, because I remember Mom took me and a bunch of kids from trailer park where we used to camp to the show, and I had a huge crush on one of the guys that came with us, even though he was two years older than me.  This may have added to my discomfort, since I had been inadvertently given new fodder for my inappropriate pubescent daydreams.

So how about you all?  Who was your first fantasy/crush/objet d'lust? (Je parle le francaise plus not real great)


  1. So I take it you watch the Star Trek series that had him in it huh?

  2. Nah, I was pretty much over it by then.

  3. You're talking about the episode "Trilogy (Part 2) - For Your Love" Season 5, Episode 8. At the end of the previous episode, where Sam was in the body of the small town sheriff, and during a fire he leaps into the body of the deputy only years later when the deputy's become sheriff, and he's in the act with the grown up daughter of the deceased sheriff, and she gets pregnant, at which point you find out in "Trilogy (Part 3) - The Last Door" that something was wrong with the whole leap and the little girl is Sam's actual daughter, and she grew up to work on Project Quantum Leap and is working to bring Sam back, even though neither one them knows that she's his real daughter. When Al tells him that after he leaps, he won't remember it, Sam's looking at this little girl, a smile on his face and his eyes welling with tears and he says, "I'll remember" and then he leaps.

    Not that I've watched the show before, or own all five seasons on DVD, and just pulled all that from memory.

    What's Quantum Leap?

  4. I dunno.. I just remember him flinging some chick onto a bed and uhnnnnn.. *flashes back* sorry what?

  5. As far as tightness in the pants? Probably Counselor Troi (Marina Sirtis) from Star Trek: TNG. So, 10?

  6. My first crush was in the 5th was on Harold Ziebelman....I carried a bit of that for 60 years till I met him at out 50th high school reunion. Finally got a hug and a kiss from him and it was not as exciting as it would have been earlier.

    Yeah....Scott Bakula....he's good but I am true nowadays to Mark Harmon.

  7. Her name was Kate and oh how my heart ached every time I saw her. All through Jr and Sr. High.
    I once asked her to a dance and she said she wasn't going but she showed up with another guy. I still sigh when I think of her!

  8. His name was Travis, a fourteen-year-old who carpooled with me to summer camp. I was in second or third grade (...yes) and combined fantasies about jumping on him and having sex with him with guilty thoughts about how I was assuredly the most perverted person who had ever lived.

  9. I am sorry, but Scott Bakula is a complete and total babe and there is no way I will ever be over that feeling. Not that he was my first crush. My first crush I am totally wierded out by and wonder what the hell, me? (John Schneider, if you must know.)

  10. I had to Google that name, and I'm still not sure what I remember him from.

  11. John Schneider - Bo Duke from "Dukes of Hazzard" and also Jonathan Kent from "Smallville."

  12. Thank you Josh.. it all makes sense to me now.

    I dunno, I'd personally be less embarassed about John Schneider, but that's just me.


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