Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I kind of miss..

...back a couple of months ago when the Rye's open mike night was relatively unknown and it was a small gathering of nervous if dedicated musicians showing up every other week to enjoy and listen to some music.

Somewhere, along the lines, it caught on.

Don't get me wrong, I think this is fabulous for the establishment itself, as I am a fan of anything endeavour that keeps our downtown thriving - or approaching thriving, or anything that gives a glimmer of hope that one day Midland's downtown may thrive, since it's pretty sad actually.

Bear with me, I'm about to get all old and crotchety on ya.

The kids have taken over. There's not a lot for a teenager to do on a weekday night, so the jam seems to have become a place to come, hang out and chit chat with friends. And it strikes me as disrespectful to the musicians and enthusiasts who come out to enjoy and play music when the performers can barely be heard over the din.

And yes, of course, there are adults who are just as guilty of chit-chatting.. but I don't know.

It just seems so typical of what happens when something becomes a 'scene'. Back when the Monteiths owned Chicago North and they were holding Sunday all ages jams, it was cool at first because people like myself who wanted to play could go despite being underage.. but then I brought a couple of friends, and they brought some friends, and it became a teen hang-out and sometimes no better than a karaoke night, as many of the kids that came out didn't play - they'd sing to the house band. Eventually, they shut down sunday jams, because the point was being missed, and frankly, it's never a good idea to have that many underagers in a bar, even on a sunday *koff*bleachers*koff*

A coffee house is a different situation than a bar, granted. But there are not many places in Midland to go and play and enjoy music. There more places to go hang out with your friends and make chitchat and be seen.

I think I may stay home next week. I could use a break.

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