Saturday, July 21, 2012

With Respect to Messers Barker, Hoppus and Delonge, I Guess this really is growing up.

Anyone born after 1995 is probably not going to get that title, but oh well. Such is Life.

So, I bought a house. *applause*

Yup. Bought a house, and I take possession at the end of next month. I'm just now getting excited about it, mostly because I'm lost in a haze of "Holy mother of Gord, what the hell have I gotten myself into?" and "Sweet merciful Jebus, what all do I have to do?"

I don't do large purchases well, and this is the largest purchase I've ever made. The day my Real Estate agent texted me to let me know the offer had been accepted, I called my mom and cried, because truth be told, I was scared shitless.

(okay, I still am. Writing about this, even, I could pee a little. That might be the coffee, though.)

So, now I have a month of cleaning, organizing, purging and packing ahead of me. But in the end? My own property, my own home, my own BATHTUB (omg, three years with only a shower, you cannot begin to imagine...) my kids each with their own space, not piled one on top of the other. Amazing. It's been a long time coming and yeah, I have to give myself some credit for doing all this on a single income.

Go me!

Today is the Warrior Dash and I am at home doing laundry and organizing the shed (and blogging, apparently) because the illness I was fighting earlier this week ended up being a rather nasty chest infection that still has not entirely gone away. Huge disappointment, you bet. But considering I can't run across my living room without getting winded right now, a giant obstacle race was probably not in my best interest.

I'm still guest blogging over at Feministe this week. There's a pretty good debate going on regarding scent free workplaces right now, and an earlier post about delaying sexual activity in kids got picked up by The Lady Garden, so although it was not without criticism, that's still pretty cool in my books.

oh, and I got tweeted by the Good Lovelies when I wrote to them to ask permission to reprint their lyrics for this post.


  1. Congratulations on being a home owner! May I request you actually erect a white picket fence? That's awesome. From where I financially stand, I can't see out of the hole I dug for myself, so hearing that people actually can buy houses responsibly is refreshingly great.

  2. Believe it not, I actually have a white picket fence on one end of the yard.

  3. 1. I was totally born before '95 and I don't get it. Buuuut I was also sheltered.
    B. I might as well just been a better friend and helped you along your purchase (as I did the last major one) instead if being a shitty friend and staying away as I ended up sick anyway.
    247. I don't think I'm going to make ball this week.
    Lastly... well I've forgotten now. Blarg

  4. Barker, Hoppus and Delonge refer to the guys from Blink 182 and the title is a reference to Dammit.

    Also, that's not being a shitty friend, that's self-preservation, even if it didn't work all that well.


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