Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm gonna blame technology for this one.

Weighed in on my new digital scale this morning.

190.4 lbs.

Feck.  (basically, I'm back where I started two weeks ago)

I'm gonna put the blame on the old scale for this one, and call this a fresh start.

I mean, yesterday was bad, but not THAT bad.



  1. Don't get discouraged. GO Andie GO

  2. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I'm trying, too. Cardio, cardio, cardio. Then strength.

  3. I meant that as "this is what I'm doing" not "what you should do." Just clarifying that statement.

  4. No worries :-) I got it, and good for you! We can encourage each other.

  5. I've been trying to not eat late at night. Pushing dinner earlier to 6ish and nothing after.

    It's been really great but the problem is Happy Hour. All the beer food (fried, greasy, delicious) late at night tends to mess it up.

  6. I switch my scale from pounds to kilos in order to track my progress without reminding me how much i actually weigh.

  7. Heh.. I could see that.. but on the flipside, I like pounds because it takes longer to lose a kilo than a pound. (just like I like using kilometers rather than miles because it sounds more impressive to say I walked five Km than it is to say I walked 2.5 miles)


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