Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goals (a Venn Diagram)

My basic conundrum:

You see my problem here?  Yeah.  Thought so.


  1. careers are really overated.

    funny post!

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  2. This is way more accurate than I'd really like to admit right now.

  3. Same here - I am actually going to school for things I like to do and am good at but could never, by itself, be a career (writing poetry). But, I am determined . . . and have to do side jobs to make money. But they're writing jobs, at least. Can you find a way to combine your circles into a real venn diagram?

  4. thanks for the giggle this morning, needed it! :)

  5. Here's my favorite Aristotle quote: "Your path lies where your skills and the needs of the world meet."

    I'm a good painter, but making money at it was a bitch. How many people buy original art these days? 1% of the population? For whom everyone is competing?

    F**k that.

    Then, one day, on a whim, while splitting firewood, I carved a trout with my chain saw. It took me fifteen minutes, and I sold it for twenty bucks. I could have gotten more, but it was for a friend.

    I had no thoughts of success or failure. It was just fun, and people—just about everyone—like carvings. No more catering to the bourgeoisie, and my income exploded.

    Never give up.

  6. so even though you cannot have interlapping circles...
    there are some things that are good...


    i gave you one! (JADIP BLOG)

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