Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ain't got much to do, but there's always lots to say...

Holy wah, do I ever feel accomplished today. Five loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, moved the dryer back into the house, cleaned the fridge out, grocery shopped and succeeded in having the children help me by cleaning not only their room (as is expected on any given day) but also the living room and the mudroom. Got the bathroom done, but man.. my shower stall is craptacular and kind of gross. If I were planning to buy this place, I'd be ripping that sucker out.

Facebook's photo uploader is irritating me at the moment. I started uploading some pictures from Thursday night's Big Sugar concert about an hour and a half ago and it's still only uploaded five of them. *shakes fist*

Excellent show by the way. It was supposed to be the opening show for the Barrie New Music Festival. Yeah, the logic of kicking off a New Music Festival with a band that formed and was popular about 10-15 years ago kind of escapes me, but hey.. I'm not complaining.

However, if I was one of the other bands scheduled to play Thursday night I would be complaining, since they kind of got the short end of the stick in a time-slot the same as 'the big show'. As it was, there were two bands that I wanted to see that night as well, but ended up missing, the first being A Primitive Evolution, a group fronted by the wickedly talented Brett Carruthers who I went to public and high school with, and the second being the Schomberg Fair, whom I had the privilege of seeing earlier this summer and would happily see again.

Guys, consider this free promotion my apology for otherwise sucking and missing your shows. I held not the tickets.

The Trews opened the show, and I enjoyed them enough, considering I'm not a real big fan of theirs, and tend to file them in the same 'Schlock95' category as bands like Nickelback and Default. Okay, but nothing impressive. I wasn't terribly sad that we missed the first half of their quite long set.

The show took place at The Ranch, which as you may have guessed is a country bar, and I don't mean the good shit like Johnny cash and Patsy Cline. No no, it's that Alan Jackson Boot-Scootin' wal-mart country that generally makes my teeth itch. So generally if I am there, I am probably shit-faced since it's the only way I can handle being in that place for more than five minutes. It was nice to DD this night since they were NOT playing country. WHOO. It's unfortunate, because as far as bars go, it's HUGE and has a great layout. Oh, and Go-Go cages.

Go-Go cages, as it turned out, were a great way to reconcile my claustrophobia with my desire to actually SEE the band. I am short, and many people are not. I also like to dance but do not like to have my personal bubble invaded too much. So yay for the go-go cage.

So as I said, Big Sugar put on an excellent show. I remembered seeing them back in 1996 when not too many people knew who they were (with the exception of one of the guys in our party who has seen them somewhere in the ballpark of 40 times) and thinking they put on a very high-energy RAWK show. RAWWWWWKKKKKKK. They're also one of those bands that I always forget just how many songs of theirs I actually DO Know.

But yeah. Still waiting on photo uploads. Blargh. May paint tonight. I finished a tryptich based on three songs by Hawksley workman and I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

"Oh, You Delicate Heart", "Smoke Baby", and "Paper Shoes".

I need to organize my craft/art closet. I re-hung a cupboard door today, so I felt all cool and handy. Dad is coming tomorrow to help me finally fix the back-door knob before the snow flies.

I feel like going to look at my fridge again and marvelling at the clean-ness. G'night folks.

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