Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance

I'm sitting at my desk listening to Gogol Bordello and really really missing my belly dancing classes. Somehow I manage to shake my hips in time to the music from my computer chair.

I recall coming home from class feeling very sensual and feminine, and appreciative of my body. Aside from the physical benefits (stronger abdominals, better posture etc), it was a great confidence-builder and a peek into a culture where the ideal is not the stick-thin, rock-hard bodies that western culture seems to worship. I learned that I was capable of being graceful, and not clumsy and unwieldy as I so often envision myself. Learn such a dance was learning that my womanly body was something to be celebrated, not shamed.

I love dancing. I never understand people who say they can't dance. Is there really such a thing as an inability to dance (putting aside obvious factors like missing limbs or paralysis)? Is it not moreso an inability to put aside inhibition and fear of appearing foolish?

It's my 30th birthday this Saturday, and we're going dancing. I'm excited. The ironic thing is that I have a tendency to loathe most music played in so-called 'dance' clubs. Oh what I would give to be able to take over a DJ booth for a night. There's so much more out there, old and new, than the Top 40 dance-pop that gets overplayed to death.

I will admit, I'm a DJ's worst nightmare, since childhood harassing them to play obscure tunes that are probably unfamiliar to anyone but myself. Philistines. Haha. No, I'm not an elitist. At All.

That being said, Keep Dancing, Dancers. Hey, I'll even give you a song to dance to:

Dance Dance Dance - The Burning Hell


  1. Anyone can dance (physical barriers not withstanding), but not everyone can *dance* - rhythm, coordination, lack of inhibition where appropriate... these all contribute to one's ability to *dance*. Me, myself - I can dance, but I usually choose *not* to. 'Cause I'm me. Don't question it.

    OH, and you are SUCH an Elitist. Don't be tryin' to deny it, yo.

  2. Hahaha I fit exactly what Chris said I can dance but no rythum so I keep my ass off the dance floor so I dont feel like an ass. The goodol days I would get up after having 6-10 drinks lol.
    But yah its your birthday and you deserve to DANCE! even though it is to the over played music that all the teenie boppers like at the moment.


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