Monday, September 28, 2009

It's like a type re-birth, but not.

So I'm shutting down my MySpace account soon, or dismantling it, at any rate. The blog is the last thing there of any importance to me, since I don't browse the forums, and my groups are dead, and most of my MS friends have migrated to Facebook which is frankly, just fine and dandy by me. I'm in the midst of the massive task of archiving all my MySpace blogs dating back to 2006, so that I can keep them on record. Already had 145 pages worth of bloggage from my MSN spaces blog before that.

I still feel I need a place to vent, bitch, moan, contemplate and be overall just kind of goofy so this is why I'm here. Do I know who's going to see it? I don't know. I'm on the fence about how open I want to be in this particular forum. We'll see.

Names shall be changed to protect the innocent. The guilty can feel free to bite me.

I'm back and single once again, but in a better place about it, since it was my own decision this time, and things ended amicably. I've been taking some time working on forgiveness with those who have also hurt me in the past, and feeling better for it, if somewhat guarded.

Still loving my little cottage, my little home. I feel at peace here. The winter will tell though, when the freedom to escape to the outside (read: my comfy spot on the futon on the porch).

My little one lost her first tooth today. I should be feeling those pangs of the imminent growth of my youngest born, and the knowing that this is the last 'first loose tooth' and yeah, it has struck me to a certain extent, but I'm not heartbroken or anything. Maybe if I was more maternal, it would. Reminds me though, gotta scrounge up some change for the tooth fairy, that cheap, mooching wench.

To those whom read this, welcome.


  1. For the time being I'm keeping this open, until I can figure out all the privacy settings and whatnot.


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