Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rejection. Frustration.

So it's Thursday night and the opening for the gallery exhibition I had entered my painting in takes place tomorrow night. I have not yet heard if my piece was accepted.

I'm thinking I'm skunked again.


I'm feeling kind of sorry for myself, I will admit.  Just bums me out.  When I dropped it off, I got a look at some of the other submissions and immediately felt overwhelmed and kind of out of my league.

The Well-Travelled one tried to cheer me up by reminding me that a lot of the people who submit to these things have been painting and otherwise making art for years and sometimes decades, many of them having a formal educational background to boot.

This area, being a small, relatively close-knit area I have to wonder if there isn't a certain level of clique-ishess where those who have been active in the community get preferential treatment.  It's the same feeling I get with the theatre folk around here.

However, it's entirely possible that I looking for mini-conspiracies and nepotism in a misguided attempt at making myself feel better and stop berating myself for being a mediocre talent at best.  Jerkbrain is a jerk, and rejection just seems to feed the beast.


As pointed out to me in another well-intentioned attempt by the Well-Travelled one to assuage my self-flaggellation in the face of defeat, at least this has been a bit of a learning experience.  I now know a few things I didn't before, such as turnaround time for custom framing, and where to buy my own damn frames.  I even know how to frame my own canvases now, so I guess that's something?


Still sucks.



  1. (damn, I hope this isn't a duplicate - my first submission vanished!)

    Chin-up! At least you have the cojones to submit you work! There are lots of us so-called "Talented Folks" who can't even work-up the nerve to try!

    Not sure if that makes you feel any better - but you GO girl! :-)

  2. I second that. Sometimes all, it takes, is cajones. People are easily swayed. Just like the Emperor's new clothes. Sometimes you just need to tell them it's great for them to look at it. Once done, and if they are worthy, they will find their own greatness within it. That is the beauty of art.

  3. I'm going to support your conspiracy theory here and agree that there is definitely some cliqueishness (don't you just love making up words?!) going on. The art community in general is very much like that. If it makes you feel better, I get rejected when I submit my creative writing ALL of the time. In fact, I have never had anything accepted. Sigh!
    Maybe we'll end up playing "BINGO" together! I have Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures on my bookshelf, but I have yet to read it :)


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