Saturday, January 15, 2011

Teenaged Angst has paid off well..

I've been looking through my high school poetry books.  I tell ya, a lot of this stuff is pretty fucking terrible, and probably shouldn't be consumed by anybody.  But I have found one or two little gems that weren't entirely groan worthy, in my humble un-biased opinion.


Truth, too much should
We choose to lie
Seize the day, too much should we ever die
Fire in your head, we let ourselves go
Denying real truth, Truths never show
In identity life exists
Life drives on
We concern ourselves 
Not only with death and birth
but love, hate, fire, earth and poison
Inspiration, driven to our souls
Inspired by life
But drive to philosophical 
ecstasy and metaphysical
by the film alone.

This one I kind of find interesting, just because the other day Ozmandias posted about our adult selves in relation to how 12-year-old selves would ourselves.  Not being the comic geek as a child that I sort of am now, I found the next poem an interesting bit of foreshadowing (I think this one was supposed to be lyrical, for a song, perhaps):

Comic Book Girl

Can you see me?  I'm in the back of the room.
I'm looking at you.  Yeah, you.
Can you hear me?
I'm singing an alternate reality to you.

I'm lost in an imaginary animated world
Visited by friends I made real as a little girl
Cartoon creations and perceptions are unfurled
I remain known to you as the Comic Book Girl

My fantasy becomes your reality
My dream is now your life
The truth is never pretty 
So I've built my life on lies

TV's fucked up images in my fractured psyche
Doesn't it sound like fun?
Immortality and a cartoon death
Don't you want to die one?

I'll drag you into my imaginary animated world
Into an acid-trip dementia you'll be hurled
As everything you believe in is unfurled
Under a spell cast by the Comic Book Girl

Hehehe, check this one out.. Oh the burgeoning adolescent sexual awakening!! Oh the grappling with the madonna/whore complex!!  LOLOLOL!


When did this pleasure come from pain?
When it's so hot outside 
All it does is rain
Steam and sweat and tears
And happiness throughout the years
All too much can make you go insane
Maybe I can have you here tonight
I never would put up a fight
Yes and No and Maybe Not
What if this is all we've got
Even when I know the timing's right.

I think I may have been too hard on that one.. I kind of like it.  Meh.  These are the good ones of the bunch, if you can believe it.  From roughly 1995-1998 copyright Andrea Lyn Cole
Roughly the age when I would have written this drivel.  Kind of wish I had pics from my vaguely-goth phase. They call em emo's now, I think.


  1. I have no scale on which to rate poetry. Like art, I usually don't understand it. I'm dumb like that, yo!

    Love the pic. Did you have a belly ring hiding under there?

  2. haha this is awesome - thanks so much for sharing. Recently I was at a reading called "Bottom of the Barrel," where poets and other writers were encouraged to read some of their worst work. The audience then voted on the worst line of all the pieces read, and I'm both proud and embarrassed to say that I won :P It was some terrible love/sex poem I wrote about my boyfriend when we started dating. Now, it's great for laughs!

  3. @stephc - Nah, I operated under the idea that I was too fat for things like that. Sad eh? Go body dysmorphia.

    @Sarah it's fun to look back at the various ways we tried to assert our personality growing up as well.

  4. @sarah - will you tell me what the line was?

  5. First, you posted a list of favorite artists, and it so happened that I was at the same time compiling a list. Then, you put up some poetry, and it so happened the I was at the same time discovering how much fun writing micro poems on twitter was.

    No kidding.

    I liked "Comic Book Girl" in particular. It reminded me of Alan Moore's statement how the bard was more feared that the magician because he (she) could influence all future history.


  6. Technically, goths and emos are different things and they get very offended if you mix them up. Since both like Tim Burton and eyeliner, it is easy for the outsiders to confuse them.

  7. Yeah, but as a concept I don't think emo existed when I was in high school. So I don't know what I would have called myself. Just eclectic.

    Much like musical genres I pretty much suck with style labels too.

  8. It is my personal opinion that if your style can be described in one word, you're not trying hard enough. :)

  9. Now THAT is a philosophy I can get on board with ;-)


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