Monday, January 17, 2011

I don't know if you think you're being cute or condenscending..

... but whatever it is, just stop.

Backstory:  my online dating profile includes the same picture I use here, the one with me and my guitar.  My Photobooth program flips pictures so they're mirror-images.  Things appear backwards.

I get this email this morning from some 'dude' (guitarplaya - age 38).
I don't mean to alarm you but you are holding your guitar upside down (in your pic). Its nothing to be terribly concerned about and easily rectified if you follow these simple steps.
1. grab the guitar neck with your left hand.
2. place the body of the guitar an your right thigh.
Now your ready to play properly.
My response:
Orrrrr.... I could take the Auto-flip function off my Photobooth program. (or I could be playing left-handed with strings reversed.. aha!)

But thanks for the tip.

Is it me or does this smack of 'Aww wook at the widdle gurl.  Her thinks her knows guitarz'.  Maybe it's early and I haven't had enough coffee, but I've been playing for seventeen years. Fuck off.

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  1. Sounds condescending to me. Sounds like a jerk!

  2. but did you go out with him?

    just kiddin'

    he sounds like a class~a~1~fucktardedasshat...

    this was an awesome short/saaaweeeeet/funny post...

    found you thru Rick blog...

    bruce johnson jadip
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  3. He sent you an email? An Email? I like the way the Brits say, "wanker."

    Methinks he was trying to "neg." You know, that technique where some insults the other in a way that is funny? Among friends (see Bruce's guy page) it is funny, and in a hitting-on-someone situation, it can be tantalizing, a tease. You know about it. You've done it. We all do it.

    I have always thought of "negging" as a test of confidence. A confident person will flash back a quip, a weak person will get all introverted. It is a test. But this cat is obviously clueless. And obviously your ability to quip back is far superior to his ability to neg, so it is a doomed match from the start. :)

    Instructions to Clueless Wanker: Here's better neg, "Why the hell is your guitar upside down? Oh no, don't tell me you're a you a lefty!"

    (Are you? Or did you flip the image?)

    Finally got my latest up, Yandie. It's boring, scholarly introduction to the next series, but you are featured prominently at the very end.

    Cheers, Rick

  4. In addition, he screwed up the whole "you're/your" thing! That's his most sinister crime in all this.

  5. sounds like a jerk to me!!

    and, you're right about the left-y thing! my little girl just started learning to play and she's a lefty... so, if he's any kind of guitar player- he should know that.

    people are so rude.

  6. Andie, NO EDITING any of your posts before Richard gets to write about you! lol...

    And, as much as I want to make a flip comment about boys pulling hair on the school yard to tell you they like you... I just have no snappy follow up. Blame Waitressing.

  7. @Lori - I wouldn't DREAM of editing anything.. that's CHEATING!

    @Rick - The program mirror-images, I play right-handed. In one of my previous posts I have two pictures taken with the cam, and in one you can see my front door is on the opposite side than the other picture, because I had flipped the picture so the writing on my shirt was readable.

  8. @Bruce - and before I forget, welcome to my little piece of the blogoverse, Bruce. Hope you enjoy!

  9. LOL! Good response. Seems that "Guitarplaya" thinks he's on a YouTube tutorial video. In which case, I'd comment to him "Rectify THIS!"


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