Sunday, November 28, 2010

They Won't Call You Shirley, Anymore.

From TMZ:
Legendary funny man Leslie Nielsen died today of complications of pneumonia in a hospital near his home in Fort Lauderdale, this according to his agent. He was 84.
Here's a better story from CBC News

We've lost a legend of comedy and a part of Canadian cinema's legacy.

I saw Naked Gun when I was around 8 and it was my first real foray into absurdist comedy.  Neilsen's deadpan delivery caught me, and kindled in me a love for the absurd.  From there I moved onto the films of Mel Brooks and Nielsen's own earlier work, Airplane.

In my opinion, he was under-rated as a dramatic actor, though.  One of my favorite roles was as Paul Gross' eccentric, 'shroom-growing, father in Men With Brooms.

As a country up until recently not particularly well known for our entertainers, Leslie Neilsen was someone I was proud to have represent our Nation in the entertainment industry.

Rest in Peace Mr. Nielsen.


  1. He was one of my all time favorite comedian/actor. He was funny on talk shows, always carried a whoopi cushion with him lol.
    He will be sadly missed :( I dont think anyone can come close to him.

  2. Bonito mensaje fuerte. Nunca pensé que era tan fácil. respetos a usted!


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