Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conversations with my Kid: Why they'll need therapy one day.

After completing a rather intense game of Jenga, which I won

T: Aww, I lost. I'm a loser
Me: You're not a loser honey. You just suck at Jenga.
T: What?
Me: It's okay, not all of us are born awesome. Some just require guidance from those more awesome than themselves. Give yourself time.
T: *appalled* MOMMY!
Me: There's no shame in losing to me.
T: Hey! I won FOUR TIMES at Daddy's!
Me: Yeah but who were you playing with, your dad? Pfft.

I take solace in knowing that when my kids are teenagers and are going to hate me anyway, I will have fully earned it. I love getting this kid going.


I worry about the little one. I'm going to get phone calls about that one. To paraphrase Hank Hill (because I live to quote fictional characters. All the better if they are animated) - "That girl ain't right."

They are studying the differences between night and day:

"During the day I go outside."

Seems innocuous enough, right?

"At night I prance in underwere (sic)"

Yup. I wonder about that kid.

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