Thursday, July 6, 2006

Bagel Commandos!!!

My room-mate Dan is a fucking nut-job (I mean that in a positive way) but it makes for some fun times.

So I'm in the middle of cooking some chicken Tuesday night for an absolutely spectacular pesto-mozza-chicken sandwich, when I open up the bagels that I had bought the day before only to realize they are mouldy. Was I ever pissed. as my chicken is just about ready and honestly, whole wheat bread is not going to do it for a sandwich of this caliber. So it's 8:40 and the grocery store (whose name I will not mention, but lets just say it rhymes with MoodBasics) closes at 9. so I tell Dan to bring his soup with him if he wants a ride uptown (he was heading to a friends place).

So we get to the store at about 8:59 and the IN doors are locked. SO what does Dan do? He forces his way in through the out door. Meanwhile the cashier is shaking her head, as he goes through the second doors telling her to get her supervisor... I am holding up my mouldy bagels as he is holding, nay wielding the fork he had brought with him to eat his dinner.

I got to exchange my bagels, to say the least. Will I be able to shop at said grocery store again? We'll see. I won't be going to that one cashiers till anytime soon.


Hit Shanana's for Karaoke last night with Nicky, some of the Nana's staff, Cromsie and Dan. Good times. Busy but not too busy so I gots to sing a lot. Did the following:

Green day - Holiday
Tragically Hip - Little bones
Meatloaf - Paradise by the dashboard light (with Cromsie... song has new meaning when sung by two chicks)
Van Morrison - Moondance
Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

Good times, got some good pictures which I should upload soon so's I can email them to Nicky


MELISSA IS HERE! well, her flight got in not too long ago, she should be hitting her parents place anytime now. YAY!!

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